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DVD region 0. Marc Dorcel.

On paper, this certainly looks the part - a good sleeve hints at a prison-themed movie that will deliver on all levels... solid porn with good looking girls, uniform fetishism, a spot of BDSM and a meaty concept to hang it all on. Sadly, none of that turns out to be the case.

Set in a desert boot camp, this is tedious stuff, notable only for the rather short sex scenes that are all too generic to stand out - already, they have blurred into one tedious whole in my mind, which is never a good sign a few hours after viewing. And despite the sleeve's promise of 'a sadistic story without masochism ' - whatever that means - this is pathetically vanilla in style, unless the mere sight of someone in uniform holding a nightstick puts the fear of God into you.

The cast look decent enough and the movie is as slickly produced as you would expect from Dorcel - but there's nothing here to make it stand out from the crowd, and even the military uniform fetish potential and desert location are wasted. This could have been shot anywhere.

As with all Dorcel productions, the French language film has an English language track - in realiy a poorly dubbed voiceover. This hardly improves matters.

The DVD also has the usual Dorcel extras - a striptease scene, behind-the-scenes footage, galleries and strange safe Sex TV ads. None are exciting enough to tip the balance and make this worth buying.



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