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DVD region 2. Evil Angel.

The Evil Empire can usually be relied upon to deliver top class Gonzo porn with a very specific directorial vision and style. Think of the work not only of EA head honcho John Stagliano, but also other current / former cohorts - Jules Jordan, Joey Silvera, Rocco Stagliano, Belladonna, John Leslie - each working o an overcrowded field yet each making movies that are instantly, uniquely recognisable as their own.

So Prime Cups 3, directed by Raul Christian and starring Roxy Panther, Myra Lyon and Daria Glover, is a bit of a letdown, simply because it could be the work of just about anyone with a camcorder and access to hot East European girls. And for many, that'd be more than enough. But with so much out there, you need to stand out from the crowd.

The theme of the DVD would seem to be big natural boobs, though a few more modestly endowed girls seem to have slipped past the Boob Inspector, and not all participants seem to be entirely as nature intended. So much for the theme then.

For what it is, it delivers - there's plenty of tease rather than slamming straight into the action (the best Gonzo knows how to build slowly) and the Czech / Hungarian / Romanian cast are generally good looking (the girls at least; as usual, the men are more of ragbag bunch of rentadicks), and the sex - though unremarkable - is solid enough.

Given that the DVD clocks in at over 3 hours, it might seem churlish to be so picky, and less demanding viewers will be more than happy. But if you are reading this, you're probably a fussier sort, and frankly there is much better out there.




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