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Another World DVD Region 2

This was the only one of Harry Novak's hillbilly softcore films - a collection including the likes of Country Cuzzins, Southern Comfort, Midnite Plowboy and Country Hooker - that had so far eluded me. It was also a title that had fascinated me since the early days of home video, when TCX's release would be listed in video magazines - who, I wondered as a teenager, would make a porn film and call it The Pigkeeper's Daughter? Well, thanks to Denmark's Another World, I've finally been able to catch up with it. Unfortunately, it seems I hadn't been missing much.

The (thin) story of simple farm folk, it revolves mainly around a horny local yokel named Jasper who wants to get it on with young virgin Patty but has to make do with the accommodating pig keeper's daughter of the title, a horny salesman and the efforts of the pig farmer and his wife to find a man for their daughter. None of this is particularly developed, as the film lurches from clumsy sex scene to clumsy sex scene. There are brief moments of amusement - and it was certainly novel to see a couple pretend to make love while a piglet snuffled away next to them, getting in the way and causing all manner of continuity screw ups - but on the whole, very little happens apart from generally unattractive people undressing and fumbling around unconvincingly.

Director Bethal Buckalew shot a bunch of these movies, but this is probably the weakest, and at 95 minutes, it feels very long. The sex scenes drag on as long as those in any hardcore film, but of course they don't actually show anything and so feel a lot longer - a number of Novak's softcore films of the early Seventies straddled the line between soft and hardcore, but here the action is strictly off-camera (resulting in some weird edits where - presumably - the camera caught a little too much explicitness). Interestingly, the final; sex scene does get a little raunchier, and the print quality goes downhill, suggesting it was spliced in later from another source.

Another World's sleeve suggests that this is in the style of Russ Meyer, and it's true that the film does have something of a breast fixation - but the King of the Nudies would never allow his sex scenes to become so interminable and sloppily edited, and he certainly wouldn't have accepted such a lame musical score either.

Completist fans of vintage sexploitation might want to give this a look, but for everyone else, it's best avoided.


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