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DVD region 2. Second Sight Films.

The Open DoorWhen the more lunkheaded division of horror fandom start to moan about ‘torture porn’ or remakes or sequels (or whatever else is currently being made), you have to wonder what they do want. Is it a return to the godawful teen horrors of Scream? The generic, safe video fodder that almost killed the genre in the late 1980s and 1990s? If so, they should be more than happy with The Open Door, which comes with gushing quotes from easily pleased critics and somehow or other managed to win the Audience Choice Award at LA Shriekfest… but which is, by any standards, dreadful, dreadful stuff.

The Open DoorWhen high school girl Angelica (Catherine Georges) is banned from going to a party by her parents (given that she is a whining idiot with the emotional stability of a six year old, I kinda saw their point), she phones a mysterious pirate radio station that supposedly grants wishes. Eventually, all hell breaks loose as her idiot friends become possessed by an Evil Dead inspired demon.

To get to that point though, you have to sit through interminable crap. Let’s be clear – every single character in The Open Door is an annoying dick, from the jocks to the ‘sensitive’ guy, and while it’s okay to have hateful characters in a horror film, you damn well have to ensure that they die quickly and horribly. Instead, nothing at all happens in this film – seriously, not a damn thing – for 50 minutes, and then nothing more for another 20. Instead, you have to sit through some of the worst acting and lousiest dialogue you’ll ever encounter in the company of an entirely loathsome and unattractive bunch of characters., all of whom seem closer to thirty than eighteen. I’m sure the filmmakers might defend this as story and character development, but quite frankly, the film has precious little of either. You don’t care what happens to these characters, because they are all so ghastly – you just want the film to get on with it. Which it doesn’t.

Is there anything good here? Well, the opening scene is passably effective. Beyond that – no. This is entirely terrible.

Doc Duhame wrote, directed and produced, so I guess we know who to blame. A successful stuntman, I can only suggest he sticks to the day job in future. This is one door that needs to be kept firmly closed.





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