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Killer's Moon

DVD region 0. Redmption.

Making a welcome return to DVD, this lurid shocker from Alan Birkinshaw – auteur of the recently reissued Confessions of a Sex Maniac – proves that British horror films could be every bit as squalid as their American and European counterparts, and is all the more fun for it.

Set in the Lake District, the film pits a bus full of schoolgirls, stranded and forced to shack up at a remote hotel, against a trio of escaped lunatics who have been subjected to experimental LSD therapy and believe that all their actions are but a dream. As you might expect, the loonies have a tendency to dream about mutilating animals and murdering ‘jailbait’, and so before long, murder, mayhem and gratuitous nudity ensues.

Killer's MoonWith some splendidly quotable dialogue – penned by Birkinshaw’s sister, the famed novelist Fay Weldon! – including the notorious line “look, you were only raped. As long as you don’t tell anyone about it you’ll be alright”, suitably drooling psychos who all look like Clockwork Orange cast-offs, nubile schoolgirls who struggle to stay in their nighties, Linda Hayden’s sister and a three-legged dog, this is exploitation at its finest – no-nonsense sleaze that knows what the audience wants and delivers it with gleeful abandon. With its heady mix of sex and violence, it’s surprising that the film passed through the censors at the time intact (there’s an old-school BBFC ‘X’ Rating at the start of the film), and even now it seems to be close to the limits of acceptability.

A much-loved (really!) and sought-after slice of Brit sleaze, Killer’s Moon is a marvel to behold – as grotty and grim as any other shocker from the decade with enough jaw-dropping ridiculousness to impress anyone – who out there could honestly resist a film about acid-crazed loonies raping and murdering schoolgirls? Okay, anyone with a sense of decency I guess, but if that’s you, you’ve probably stumbled upon this site by accident.

Redemption’s DVD is impressive – nicely slipcased and with more extra content that a film like this deserves. A chatty commentary from Birkinshaw and star JoAnne Good, plus video interviews with the pair, trailers and extensive stills galleries.






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