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How to Make a Doll

Something Weird. Download.

This 1968 movie is one of Herschell Gordon Lewis' more obscure titles, having been in the pile marked 'lost' for years. But Something Weird, in their usual relentless manner, managed to ferret a copy out and release it on VHS and, later, DVD. Now, it's available as a download.

Unfortunately, this is probably the worst Lewis film I've seen.

It tells the story of 32 year old virginal college professor Percy Corley (Robert Wood) who is both obsessed with and terrified by women. The opening scenes, where Corley stumbles through a typically Sixties world of couples making out left, right and centre, is mildly amusing in a low rent Sixties sex comedy way, but things soon go rapidly downhill as Corley and the older, but equally horny Dr Hamilcar West (Jim Vance) manage to programme their super computer to spit out bikini-clad babes that have been designed to love them. When West has heart problems, he puts himself into the computer (I'd explain how, but you won't care). But will Corley be happy with computer-generated sex, or will he crave the real thing? If you can make it to the end, you might find out.

While Lewis should be applauded for predicting computer porn, this is pretty feeble stuff - surprising given that it came at the time he was shooting classics like She Devils on Wheels. Mostly confined to one room, it often feels like a nudity-free version of Ed Wood's atrocious Love Feast - and that's no good thing. The acting and dialogue is dreadful, the direction almost non-existent and - worst of all - nothing really happens. On the plus side, Something Weird have found a pretty good print of the movie.

Lewis completists will want to see this, but should avoid showing it to anyone who they are trying to convert to the Godfather of Gore's work!




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