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(EI Cinema DVD Region 1)

Although financed by US producers Seduction Cinema, this hit and miss spoof is a British production from Manchester based Viscera Films. Not an Austin Powers spoof (despite what the title and sleeve might have you think) the film is instead a fairly ridiculous tale involving a prehistoric Goddess of Lust (Anoushka) who is intent on enslaving the world's women. Battling her are a motley mix of characters including Misty Mundae as a female spy, assorted mad scientists and a religious fanatic.

As you might expect, this low budget video production is a mixed bag. At its best, it has some amusing Carry On style double entendres which might raise a titter or two; at worst it's painfully unfunny. Performances are equally mixed - Misty Mundae looks as sexy as ever and manages a more-than-passable British accent, while Anoushka is suitably sexy; British model Rachel Travers is less convincing as both a sex symbol and an actress and the rest of the cast are passable but strictly amateur hour thespians.

Thomas Moose directs with efficiency and the film looks as good as you could hope for a quickie like this. I'm not fond of 'wacky' sound effects and overly projected gags, so the humour is mostly lost on me I'm afraid. All in all a mixed bag then - a harmless enough diversion but hardly essential viewing unless you are a Misty Mundae completist.

This version is the R-rated 'directors cut' and features very little nudity; there is also an unrated edition out there which presumably has more bare flesh in it and will probably be a lot more entertaining as a result. This DVD does come with copious extras including documentaries and a bizarre commentary track where Moose and writer Andy Sawyer discuss the film while eating chillies!



Girl Who Shagged Me [Director's Edition] (REGION 1) (NTSC)

Girl Who Shagged Me [Unrated Super-Sexy Edition] (REGION 1) (NTSC)



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