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DVD region 0. Relish.

Years ago, trash movie fans were left aghast at the Sexy Girls and Sexy Guns tapes, where bikini-clad babes fired off heavy weaponry in the desert, gushing over the firepower in the hands. The ultimate distillation of all those scenes from 1970's exploitation movies featuring gun-totin', scantily-clad action heroines blasting their way to freedom, the series was iconic enough to inspire The Cramps to sing about Bikini Girls with Machine Guns, Quentin Tarantino referenced them in Jackie Brown and clips turn up even now, whenever someone wants to show 'wacky' footage from around the world on their dull TV show. And I'm sure many an NRA member has wanked himself silly over the series.

Girls with Guns isn't quite the same, but will doubtless appeal to anyone who found themselves aroused by those earlier epics, as it mixes brief action scenes with hardcore porn. I'm slightly surprised the ever-sensitive British censors have allowed this mixing of blowjobs and blowing away - surely it's eroticising violence - but let's not complain about a rare show of sanity.

The opening scene with Renee Richards - cute, fetished up and looking as though she could actually pass muster in a real action film - is the best bit, the other scenes lacking the originality shown here. But the mix of weaponry, piss-poor CGI gunshot effects (not much expense gone to here it seems) and frenetic fucking is never less than amusing.

There's thankfully no dialogue - I suspect that action porn would rapidly lose its way if British girls were to speak with the dodgy accents and unconvincing delivery that makes UK porn so unique. The relentless music is, however, awful, so I suggest you line up your own pumping soundtrack for this effort.




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