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DVD region 0. Private.

Cute Asian Babe Lady Mai is Misty, a top LA DJ who loses her inspiration and heads to a mysterious abandoned hotel to reconnect. She passes through the Seven Doors of Sacrament, where she has bizarre sexual encounters. Her manager, Franky, follows her with a bunch of gangster associates, but finds himself up against supernatrural Demon Geishas, who kill off his men. Only Black Diamond, a gender-changing voodoo witch, can save Misty from joining the Geishas permanently.

Yes, this is not your average adult movie. With fast-cutting, heavy strobe lighting and surreal scenes aplenty, Evil Geishas Hotel is closer to experimental erotica than regular porn. In fact, the hardcore scenes probably don't total more than thirty minutes of the movie - but if you can live with that, this film offers a lot more in compensation.

There's a lot of imagination at work here - the film, directed by X-Off (yeah...), looks incredible, has moments of bizarre brilliance, manages to be genuinely disturbing in parts (the Demon Geishas are pretty creepy) and is certainly unlike anything you will have seen before.

There are faults - as with most Private movies, some of the pan-European cast are too heavily accented to handle the dialogue well, and there are a few sloppy moments that don't really work. But on the whole, this is remarkable and admirable.

The DVD comes with a pointless behind-the-scenes short that consists mostly of lady Mai and Jon Long simply describing the plot of the film, without offering any insight. This aside though, I heartily recommend Evil Geishas Hotel.




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