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DVD. Bounty Films.

ErotibotFrom the production company that brought you Big Tits Zombie comes a wonderfully entertaining, if entirely insubstantial genre mash-up that is crazy enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

The ridiculously cute Tamayo (Mahiro Aine) is a wealthy heiress who lives alone, her every need (including her initiation into sexuality) catered to by three robot servants – there’s the handsome No.1, the powerful brute No. 2 and her favourite, the rather clumsy Sukekiyo (Yuuya Tokumoto), who often daydreams about a romantic life with his mistress. Their idyllic life is interrupted by jealous family member Tsukiyo (Maria Ozawa) and her Ninja bodyguard Azami (Asami), who are determined to stop Tomayo inheriting the family fortune any way they can.

Combining wacky comedy, softcore sex, science fiction, action and splatter, Erotibot is very Japanese and all the more fun for that. The humour is not exactly subtle, the gore scenes that arrive at the finale are both unexpected remarkably gruesome (if somewhat cheesy) given the lightweight nature of the film, and the sex scenes very much of the soft porn variety – although they take a while to arrive, given the fact that this is ostensibly a sexy film. The erotic elements of the film are also treated in a comedic manner - No. 1 having to continually adjust his programming when Tamayo proves to be rather less modest than a virgin is supposed to be.

Naturally, the special effects in the film are fairly shoddy, but that simply adds to the overall camp feel that Erotibot has. As for the cast, Ozawa makes an impressive imposing and sexy villain, Aine is thoroughly charming and Tokumoto is awkward and bumbling, which is all any of their characters need to be.

While not reaching the insanity level of recent Japanese splatter fests like Machine Girl, Erotibot is an enjoyable mix of naked flesh, action, comedy and gushing blood that bounces along with plenty of enthusiasm. As such, it’s hard to resist its charms!





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