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DVD region 0. Joybear Classics.

Desperate WomenDesperate Women was shot at the end of porn's Golden Age, in 1985, and if I'm to be honest, it's not really a classic - you probably won't see it on any list of the Porn Greats. But let's not quibble - any movie from that time will outshine most of the stuff being shot today, and this is no exception.

Set in a women's prison, the film - directed by the splendidly named Ned Morehead - follows the misfortune of wrongly convicted Taija Rae, who can only prove her innocence if she gets hold of her camera, which contains a photo of the real killer. The trouble is, slutty murderess Aurora has hidden it inside her pussy! Our heroine has to befriend (in other words, have sex with) her fellow inmates to not only secure her freedom but also bring down the corrupt prison regime.

Anyone only used to modern porn will be gobsmacked by this, simply because it's a real film, with excellent cinematography, short sex scenes, a fair amount of plot, decent acting, pubic hair and no implants.

Unfortunately, the British version under review has been compromised. The idiots at the BBFC have cut a rape scene that is fairly pivotal to the plot and screws up the continuity.

But otherwise, it's well worth a look, and more power to Joybear for releasing such stuff in the restricted UK market (the cult movie fans who would eat this stuff up generally don't go to sex shops, and the mail order ban must really hurt). Any hope of producer Kim Christy's Squalor Motel next, guys?




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