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DVD. Pulse.

Blacklight BeautyThis beautifully packaged double disc set from Jack the Zipper is, by the standards of previously reviewed titles Enter the Peepshow and Xero, almost mainstream ‚ though by any regular porn standards, itís still pretty left field stuff.

Thereís no real connecting theme this time ‚ just a series of invidual scenes, sometimes fearturing a creepy clown, and each based around s different girl (or two). The film switches from colour to black and white, plays with frame rates and speeds, adds in film look and burns with vivid imagery as the sex scenes play out. And itís these that are fairly regulaer ‚ a series of boy-girl, girl-girl, groups and solo sex scenes that have the same extended length of scenes you might find in any regular hardcore. The difference here is that there is little dialogue, most of the action being backed by an impressive score that adds a discordant edge to proceedings. It probably makes the film less satisfactory if you are watching this for masturbatory purposes, but definitely improves it as a movie.

Blacklight BeautyIf thereís a problem with this film, itís probably the fact that it feels like a bit of an uncomfortable hybrid, like someone who normally makes regular smut decided to shoot alt. porn. Having seen Jack the Zipperís other work, I know that isnít the case, but the sex scene s do tend to drag on here, and Iíd rather something a bit more inventive had been taking place. But then, Iím probably being overly fussy ‚ given the impressive visuals, the soundtrack and the fact that there is a goddamn creepy clown having rough sex with Joanna Angel, not to mention a cast of mostly very sexy girls, and there is more going on here than in most hardcore. Any criticisms made shouldnít get in the way of that fact, or put you off choosing this over the majority of porn flicks out there.

Disc two contains outtakes ‚ actually extended scenes from each girl ‚ a behind-the-scenes short and various trailers. .






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