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Eloquent Gentlemen

The Day the Earth Caught Fire
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

The grumpy gits of the Portman Group and the ASA's war on alcohol
X-Men XXX xclusive (SFW) video clip and photo gallery

Network announce extraodinary Supermarionation box set

The BFI's Sci Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder season
Filmed in Supermarionation gets a new trailer
Zero 7 announce two new twelve inch vinyl releases
Garage rockers The Ghost Wolves give birth to a Baby Fang Thang
Allie X Xhibits her new Bitch

The once-banned Little Red Schoolbook returns - and it's still censored
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes trailer frightens idiots
Manson Family XXX is coming!
FrightFest announces 2014 line up
10th anniversary Mayhem Film Festival early bird tickets on sale
James Williamson's Stooges covers on seven inch
Peter de Rome RIP

Ultra Violet, Francis Matthews and Casey Kasem RIP
Field Mouse offer up new track 'Two Ships'
They Live - Naked!

The Eloquent Gentlemen
Babymetal Carcass
David Cameron
Check Your Privilege
Westboro Baptist Church

The Eloquent Gentlemen Podcast
Setting the worlds to rights, week by week. Episode 4 - The Yewtree Special.

Freedom comes at a price, what good is it for us to be kept “safe” from the threat of terror if we are kept as property by our governments?

DAVID FLINT: What the hell is wrong with metal fans? Babymetal brings out the ugly side of fandom
There's a chunk of metal fandom tht thrives of hate, and the emergence of Babymetal has whipped them into a total frenzy.

DAVID FLINT: Naked as Nature - But Nottingham - Intended
Public nudity is not illegal. The council's ability to ban such an event seemed a bit dubious. I was curious to find out more, so I called British Naturism, the organisation behind the events.

HAYDEN HEWITT: Not that I'm defending rape porn, but...
What research has been done on rape porn and its effects on our culture? Where is the general consensus on this? Furthermore, what culture exactly?

ALY MCNAB: 'Check Your Privilege' is the worst thing in the universe
God help me, I find myself agreeing with the Telegraph and this makes me sad.


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